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new jersey governor chris christie taking on president obama and congress saying once again he is not running for president, despite growing pressure to throw his hat in the ring. in a dramatic start to the michael jackson manslaughter trial, prosecutors show jackson's lifeless body as they open their case against conrad murray, the doctor accused of killing him. murray's lawyers say the doctor would never harm one of his closest friends.
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and the end of an era. after 33 years more than a thousand broadcasts television icon andy rooney is stepping down as a regular on "60 minutes." this morning a look back at our favorite moments with andy "early" this wednesday, september 28th, 2011. >> it is extraordinarily flattering but, by the same captioning funded by cbs good morning, everyone. we begin in new jersey the garden state, which is stealing a headline this morning with their governor. the race for the white house where the man stealing the limelight within the republican party is a governor who insists he is not a candidate and despite the denials, governor chris christie supporters are growing more and more pumped up each and every day as cbs news
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correspondent bill whitaker reports. >> reporter: it had all of the markings of a campaign spring. new jersey governor chris christie hitting three states in four days. with a speech last night at the ronald reagan library in southern california an all but required stop for republicans with national ambitions. >> what happened? what happened to state senator obama? when did he decide to become a one of the dividers he spoke to eloquently of in 2004? there is, of course, a different choice. >> reporter: he has made a big name for himself. here he is as hurricane irene bore down on new jersey. >> get the hell off the beach and asbury park and get out. >> reporter: he says he's on the road to raise money for the gop. but he is raising conservatives' hopes that he'll jump into the presidential race. >> he resonates well with a lot
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of people. >> if he ran, i would vote for him. >> reporter: christie has said repeatedly he is not ready to run. >> i don't mean to be an advertiser for politico but they put an ad of my answers going back-to-back-to-back. it's on the front page at i'm not going to bore you right now. those are my answers. >> your country needs you to run for president. . >> it is extraordinarily flattering but, by the same token, that heartfelt message you gave me is also not a reason for me to do it. that reason has to reside inside me. >> reporter: still, growing disillusionment with the rest of the republican presidential field is reigniting christie's supporters who just won't take no for an answer. bill whitaker cbs news los angeles. joining us now is republican strategist ed rolelinsrollins.
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he is saying the right things the past few months. you listen to him and he doesn't sound like a noncandidate. >> he is one of the superstars of our party. many supporters who supported rudy giuliani last time and want him to get in the campaign campaign and offered money and it's flattering to a governor in new jersey with a democrat legislature to go off and take your shot at running for president. at the end of the day, it's a long, hard battle and it's five months from now as the first votes are cast in iowa and you have to base away the walk away from that governor's job and it's hard to put a campaign together. >> when you look at the push for him, is this more about support for chris christie and who he is and who he has shown himself to be as a politician or as the dissatisfaction with the existing field? >> i think what happened is governor perry was someone who was going to be the new superstar. he had been governor ten years in the biggest republican state
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in the country texas. he is not a good debater, obviously, and he had three failed debates. governor romney, obviously, has been running six or seven years and not over the finish line yet. i think at the end of the day both of them have strong organizations and have strong resources to go aust way. they will not guest out of the race because christie or other candidates get in. if you want to be in you have to be prepared for a good long hard fight. >> christie has been seen in new jersey a flip-flopper on some issues abortion being one to say, no no i'm flattered, i don't want to do it but then to say i'm in, could that be used against him? >> sure and a lot of other things could be used against him. at the end of the day he is at his peak today. the moment you enter the contest the media starts looking at everything. he has been governor only 20 months and i think to a certain extent it's a rough and tumble game and as governor perry discovered quickly they look at lots of different things and you have to defend lots of different
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things. >> you mentioned five months but to get a national campaign together in that amount of time is it hard? >> many billionaires promised to put money in but you have to raise money. christie put public money the last time which the way to do it in new jersey. he beat an unpopular governor but at the end of the day, as i said he is a superstar. there will be a great outburst for him but at the end of the day, it's still a tough mountain to climb. >> quick question. sarah palin on the verge of potentially making an announcement. is she in or out? >> who knows. she can walk in any time she wants. you can see in the shot there. she can raise money. >> michele bachmann your technical, we hear still an adviser? you're taking shots at each other in public. >> we're not taking shots. i said the strategy i laid out in june she that to win aye iowa
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and spend the next five months in iowa and win. that is her ticket out. if she can't do that she won't be a viable candidate. >> ed, thanks for coming in. next hour we look at the republican race as we talk with republican candidate herman cain. the opening statements of the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. a painful emotional first day, the defendant shed tears as did michael jackson's mother. >> reporter: prosecutors began their case by showing a lifeless jackson on a gurney and the room he divide in 2009 and played an audio recording of jackson said to be made of his doctor, conrad murray. >> when people leave my show i want them to say i've never seen nothing like this in my life.
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>> reporter: jackson's words slurred and barely recognizable. >> i've never seen nothing like this. go it's amazing. he's the greatest entertainer in the world. >> reporter: prosecutor say the last two months of jackson's life, he was given propofol on a daily basis by dr. conrad murray who ordered hundreds of vials of the powerful anesthetic. the defense said it was jackson who ultimately killed himself while murray was in the bathroom. >> michael jackson self-administered a dose of propofol. that with the lorazepam, created a perfect storm. that killed him instantly. >> it's hard to imagine two opening statements being more different. the prosecution's was slick.
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almost perfect choreographed. on the other hand the defense seemed to be more meandering. >> reporter: but murray became emotional as his lawyers talked of his friendship of the singer. >> michael jackson would share with him things about his childhood, about his family his life, his dreams his hopes. they were friends first. >> reporter: ben tracy, cbs news los angeles. with us now is jean casarez, a correspondent for "in session" on trutv and inside the courtroom on tuesday. good to have you with us this morning. i understand you were sitting next to the jackson family in the courtroom. you hear that audio. there is nothing about it that sounds like michael jackson. were you watching them? what was the reaction to the family as they listened to that? >> i think everybody was stunned in that courtroom. we had never heard michael jackson like that. but the family was sitting in front of me and there were nine of them altogether. they were very stoic, paying attention to the prosecution's opening when this audiotape began to be played. they started looking at at each
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other, they were concerned. they were shocked. they were stunned. you could tell they didn't know about this tape and they didn't like what they were hearing. and, you know, you say to yourself michael jackson is suddenly on trial but this is what the prosecution are trying to do. they are trying to show that conrad murray who they say recorded on it his own iphone, saw michael jackson, knew this was happening, but continued to buy propofol and other drugs for michael jackson and going into the state of mind of conrad murray to show the gross negligence, the deviation from a standard of care that a doctor should have toward a patient. >> reporter: that is the prosecution's angle. what you could glean from the opening statements yesterday. it was described as slick by our legal analysts. the defense, as you just heard was described but our analyst as meandering in the opening statements. what did we learn how the defense is setting up its case here? >> well, it is going to put the focus, the responsibility on
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michael jackson. they are saying that conrad murray was actually trying to wean him off of propofol that michael jackson had used propofol every years he went on a concert tour so conrad murray knew this and agreed to buy it for him but knew that he had to wean it off of him. and when conrad murray walked out of the room to go to the restroom that morning of june 25th, he never would have imagined that michael jackson took eight pills of antianxiety medication and then ingested the propofol and when he came back he was dead. that is the defense theory there. >> what are the chances at this point, the defense will put dr. murray on the stand? >> i think very likely. only two people in the bedroom, conrad murray and michael jackson. one is deceased. dr. murray can take the stand to talk about what happened and to talk about how in good faith he was treating michael jackson and did not violate that standard of
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care. the defense is going to say maybe there was negligence here all the way but that is a medical malpractice claim and that shoot be in this criminal court. >> it is fascinating. that audio may be the first of many bomb shells. jean casarez thanks for your time. this morning officials say at least 13 people have now died of listeria from eating contaminated cantaloupe. cdc says 17 people in 18 states have gotten sick. >> the source of the outbreak from jensen farms has recalled cantaloupe. dr. jennifer ashton what is troubling for a lot of people and alerting concern at the cdc this did happen a while ago. the death toll has more than doubled since last week. explain to us how this all works out. >> it's not uncommon to see a lag time between a recall a product recall in this case cantaloupes and rising cases in
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this case unfortunately, death. because, number one, this is a bacteria that can live for a long time in refrigerators, on surfaces, even though the recall occurred a couple of weeks ago. it also has a long incubation period up to four weeks. people could have eaten cantaloupe and still feel fine but continue to get sick in the future. the clinical course of the disease takes time. people may have been sick last wean and died now and finally it takes time to do laboratory confirmation testing. unfortunately the cdc expects the death toll to continue to rise. >> for listeria, we have to put this into context. unfortunately, 1 out of 6 americans is affected with a foodborne illness in this country every year. 3,000 deaths is way too many. this is something that for this particular bacteria it does appear to be a more deadly type of bacteria than e. coli or
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salmonella we hear about more often so something the cdc is keeping a close eye on. >> but it feels like we are hearing about a lot more outbreaks. >> we are. you know what? the tracking abilities are better and that is something that the federal government is trying to implement greater oversight over. we will be hearing more about the regulations in 2012 for this particular outbreak the people at greatest risk the elderly, pregnant people and people with weakened immune system be very careful. >> jen, thanks. here is a check of your weather. now here's a look at what's going on outside your
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for more than 30 years ago andy rooney has ended every "60 minutes" from politics to paper whites. >> he makes his last regular appearance this sunday on "60 minutes." with so we will take a look back at some of our favorite moments. >> i don't know anything offhand that mystifies americans more than the cotton they put in pill bottles. why do they do it? have you noticed how often we are warned? is any adult really going to eat this detergent accidentally? something i've been meaning to talk to you about for a long time now is faus it's. this will be another chapter in our continuing story on fake stuff. and i got wondering just how mixed the mixed nuts were. i don't have much to do on saturdays. land of enchantment. new mexico. ran out of a gas and helicopter in new mexico once. that was some enchanted
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afternoon. i've said it, and i'm glad. nothing seems funny this week. how could anyone smart enough to make a bomb that would do this in oklahoma city? be so evil as to plant it and under a day care center. i could kill the bastards! i saw the worst of world war ii. i've seen a lot but no single day in the history of the world exceeds an evil the terrorist attack on the world trade center. i wish my america had never gotten into this war. now that we're in it, i want us to win it. people say i talk too loud! i personally dislike loud talkers, so i'm sorry if i am one! i don't know what to do. i try to look nice. i comb my hair. i tie my tie. i put on a jacket. but i draw the line when it comes to trimming my eyebrows. you work with what you got. you know what i mean? you know, don't you? i've tried to correct what is
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wrong with the world over the years, and it's discouraging to note what little effect i've had. they are still putting cotton in pill bottles. >> some of the most famous eyebrows in all of television. >> indeed, they are, indeed, they are. >> you talk about walking around the broadcast center when you see andy you're literally, you are watching television history up and down the halls. >> no matter how many times you see in the halls, you stop every time and a moment i think to myself, oh, my goodness that is andy rooney. there is only one andy rooney. >> we will see people recounting the great stories he has done and the history with cbs, the one thing andy and i share is devout fans of the new york giants. we will miss him for sure. >> you can catch andy rooney this sunday night on "60 minutes" on cbs.
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still ahead this morning, getting americans back to work. we will get an update from wall street and hear from award-winning author thomas friedman what needs to be done now. >> we will check in with amanda knox's father and see how she is doing. a verdict is possibly days away. that's all ahead this morning on "the early show." [ male announcer ] odds of finding your long-lost twin at mcdonald's gary?! larry?! [ male announcer ] 1 in a zillion. odds of winning a prize... [ both ] twenty five thousand dollars! [ male announcer ] 1 in 4. monopoly at mcdonald's is back and better than ever. odds of michelle wie getting her next hole-in-one today: 1 in 50,000. odds of michelle
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♪ coming up who is amanda knox? that may be the most important question that judges in her appeal have to answer as they decide what she should serve time for murder. after a prosecute called her a she devil, a defense lawyer said she was a loving person. coming up, her father talks about what they talked about and amanda coming home possibly this
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weekend. we will discuss that. that is still subject for conversation right now but we will discuss it back when we come back on "the early show." stay with us on cbs. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mercedes-benz. experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer.
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gray and human day's start. christy is in at traffic. marty basss that weather. getting wet. welcoming at shower activity, that's a long stretch of rain, north west of south and east, we will all see a somehow i. storm prediction center has us in a slight risk category already. high of 79 degrees.
7:26 am
low 70s now. busy out there, delays from bel air over to harford road. 20 minutes for the west side outer loop. derays southbound 795, owings mills over to the beltway due to the car fire. at least 15 minutes southbound on the harrisburg expressway from york to mount caramel and plenty of lights southbound 95, white marsh to the harvard tunnel. heavy traffic on the bellway at old court road. this is fatal fire this morning in north west baltimore, monique griego is live at the scene. >> reporter: good morning everyone the fire broke out after 4:30, 2800 block of mohawk, when firefighters arrive they found go people a man and a woman dead inside an
7:27 am
upstairs bedroom. the victims were senior citizens who own the home, both died from smoke inhalation. there were bars on the bedroom windows and on exit door to a balcony. >> i can't imagine what they were going through. i can tell you all of us are -- our hearts are very, very heavy this morning. >> the cause of fire is still under investigation. bge customers are angry over the utilities plans to charge them more money at a meeting held at a commission, dozens spoke up following hurricane irene. the storm caused $81 million. they may ask for a rate increase to pay for that. the smell of burp tires lingers in northwest baltimore. a 3 alarm fire broke out on bell vadeer monday afternoon.
7:28 am
inspectors say tee spite the mel is t air is safe. no word on how the blaze began.
7:29 am
7:30 am
back to "the early show." rain on a wednesday morning in new york. hope it's better where you're waking up, if not, go back to bed. the latest on the appeal trial from amanda knox in italy. in tuesday's closing arguments our attorneys responded to the respondent who called her she devil. >> quoting from the movie not she is back but she is drawn that way.
7:31 am
we will check in with amanda's father about the case and how his daughter is doing. a decision will come as soon as this weekend and we will take a look at all of that and what it's like to sit in court and hear those things said about his daughter. we check in on wall street. the dow jones industrials gaining 146 points on tuesday. the third gain in a row. joining us from the floor of the new york stock exchange is confident alexis christoforous. >> reporter: traders say not so fast. stocks did rise for three straight days on high hopes for europe but a big rally lost some steam by the closing bell. the dow jones industrials average initially surged more than 300 points on news that european leaders were moving closer to a plan to curb their debt crisis before closing up 146. the past three trading sessions the dow is up about 4%.
7:32 am
and stock futures are pointing to a higher open this morning here on wall street. investors were unmoved by another weak report on consumer confidence, and a rise in home prices in july. experts say with a backlog of foreclosures about to hit the real estate market home prices will likely fall in the coming months. analysts warm we will seal the false stock rallies until europe takes concrete action to contain its debt crisis and the u.s. economy shows signs of life. >> alexis christoforous, thanks. wall street may be picking up a little bit of steam but how about main street? people still need jobs. tom friedman has been thinking about how to turn things around for him. he is co-author of a new book "that used to be us." tom, good morning and good to see you. we talked with alexis a second ago. you know the markets on the rebound the last couple of days. slight rally there. europe and greece seem to be getting their house in order again, so they say.
7:33 am
how is this impacting the market right now and is this confidence we are now seeing in this little roll we are on or is it premature to be happy about this? >> i think it's a little premature. until you see the situation in europe stabilize and that will almost certainly require greece to default and for the other european countries to backstop their banks and you might say as an american well, what does this matter to me? my money is safe. i don't have money in euros. my money is in my money market. you might want to check your money market. your money market may own commercial paper from greek banks or european banks and could be very much affected. we are not out of the woods at all. what happens in europe will not stay in europe. >> the last couple of months we are seeing we are all in this together. whatever happens over there makes its way to our shores very quickly. let's talk about consumer confidence. how imperative is it for the people of this country to get some of that confidence back?
7:34 am
are we any closer to resuming some of the that consumer confidence that the markets really need in order to be restored? >> chris, i think one of the things that would restore consumer confidence most is right now is if they actually saw a grand bargain between republicans and democrats about how to deal with, you know new spending and long-term tax reform and the spending cuts that we need. you know, i think the bickering in washington has put a real dark cloud over the whole center of the country. people feel like we are the children of divorcing parents and it doesn't exactly put you in a mood to want to go out and spend or invest. >> let's talk about some of those flawed tax structures. along the lines of what you've mentioned but talk about it on a corporate level. ceo of coca-cola told the financial times the u.s. is becoming less friendly than china to do business right now. when you hear something like that and when it relates to flawed tax structure and political gridlock here in washington, is this a view echoed by more and more companies you're hearing?
7:35 am
>> well, it certainly is. one of the things that we point out in our book that used to be us is that we have actually gone in the last ten years chris, from a world that is connected to a world that is hyperconnected. what does that mean? it means big multinationals whether coca-cola or microsoft or intel are not really in america. they hover over here. their headquarters are here but they can go wherever they say the most opportunity to get return on capital. if they find themselves blocked here they are just going to quickly go somewhere else in this kind of hyperconnected world and that is really what the head of coca-cola is saying. >> tom friedman, thank you. >> a pleasure. news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. new jersey governor chris christie attends a fund-raiser in california saying he still not running for president but last night, he gave a
7:36 am
presidential sounding speech at the ronald reagan presidential library and appeared to leave the door open as supporters repeatedly urged him on. >> my answer to you is just this. i thank you for what you're saying and i take it in and i'm listening to every word of it and feeling it too. >> christie's brother says he's sure that christie is not getting in the race. in los angeles, it is day two of testimony in the trial of conrad murray the doctor accused of michael jackson's death. murray charged with involuntary manslaughter. during yesterday's stunning opening statements prosecutors played disturbing audio recordings that jackson made just weeks before he died. >> when people leave my show i want them to say, i've never seen nothing like this in my life. >> defense attorneys say jackson took his lethal dose of drugs
7:37 am
after little bit of fog around the region. look at rain starting to press towards the metro. first morning doppler, there it is, approaching areas in western howard county before not too long, rain over the next two hours. we are going to see a up next, defense attorneys get their final chance to speak in the amanda knox murder case. we will have the latest on her appeal and from her parents who visited with her this morning. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ sniffles ] not sure what to take? now click on the robitussin relief finder at click on your symptoms... ...get the right relief. ♪ ♪ makes the cold aisle
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7:41 am
cbs news correspondent charlie d'agata has the latest this morning from perugia,ity la. >> reporter: this morning, amanda knox's family had a chance to visit her in prison. next time they go they are hoping to take her home. >> we just love her and we are here to support her. >> reporter: defense teams for knox and her ex-boyfriend sollecito say the prosecution's case is quickly unraveling. >> translator: there was no evidence against raffael and amanda. everything in the investigation is based on nothing. >> reporter: they say amanda knox is not the she devil prosecutors make her out to be. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: i think amanda knox could be compared to jessica rabbit? you know sno i'm not bad. just drawn that way. she is not like that just portrayed that way. >> reporter: it may seem glib in
7:42 am
a murder trial but placed on knox's character a and how she is perceived here. italian journalist foleti says at first she was characterized as being obsessively diabolical. while residents aren't convinced that knox and sollecito are guilty of the murder of meredith kercher. >> they were young people and all young and it's a pity for all of them. >> i think it's sad two young people are going to spend 30 years in prison. >> reporter: whether knox and sollecito will be sent back to prison or walk free is a decision the jury could make as early as saturday. charlie d'agata, cbs news perugia, italy. >> joining us from perugia is amanda knox's father curt. give us an idea how is amanda doing? >> we had a chance to visit her
7:43 am
out at the prison. to be frank she is anxious as to when the verdict is going to take place. it's just a few days away. being 24 years old and with the possibility of a life sentence i'd be extraordinarily anxious, but she'll make it through. >> how about you? how are you holding up? >> well, you know, we want to be strong for her, to try to keep her spirits up. you know, she knows she is innocent and we know she is innocent. it's a matter of having the court say that and, hopefully, we get to bring her home soon. >> as you sat there in court, we heard her called the she devil among other names. what is it like for you to sit there and to listen to that? >> you know, it's extraordinarily hard. the people that are just doing an all-out, you know, character assassination and assault on her have never even met her, never
7:44 am
even talked to her and, you know, to have them say that it's very hurtful to us but it's even more hurtful to her. and we're thankful that those days are now over and we can move on to defense arguments and hopefully the right verdict. >> the closing arguments for that begin tomorrow. amanda is also, as i understand it planning to address the court. what will she say? >> well, she's going to address the court probably just before they adjourn to deliberate and, you know, she's been thinking about this for over three months and what she wants to say and, you know, at this point in time, i'm going to let that kind of be a surprise. >> have you discussed it with her at all? >> very hard -- well, yes we have discussed it but, you know, it's going to be tough -- it's going to be very painful just from the perspective of, you know, essentially pleading for your life and that is a tough thing to deal with as a
7:45 am
24-year-old. >> tough to imagine at any age. meredith kercher's family has been speaking out saying their daughter is really getting lost in a lot of the attention thab focused on amanda and on this trial. there are also reports they may attend the verdict. anything you'd like to say to them? have you reached out to them at all in these recent months? >> you know, the kercher family and their comments related to meredith being lost is really a true statement. it's so unfortunate. i mean, they have experienced the worst thing that any parent could ever experience and to have it continue and not be allowed closure is extraordinarily difficult. you know, we have extended our deepest condolences during interviews such as this but until they know what we believe the truth to be and that amanda and raffael had nothing to do with it, i don't know how they would accept our condolences in
7:46 am
person and i'm hopeful we are allowed to do that very very soon. >> curt knox appreciate you being with us this morning. we will continue to follow it. thank you. >> thank you very much for having me. coming up, the long shot who suddenly is making noise in the republican presidential race. >> we will speak with tea party winner herman cain win of the straw poll last week. he is here with us in the studio. stay with us. this is "the early show" on cbs. berry. they have bubbles and come in these really cool cans. it's real fruit juice, crisp sparkling water, and no added sugar. comes in diet, too. it's refreshing, tasty -- the whole family will love it. you want one? i'll wait a bit. all right. mmm. refreshing. real juice. real bubbly. find it in the juice aisle. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you...
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7:50 am
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it is five minutes before 8:00. more clouds moved in to that live picture over downtown. christy at traffic control. good morning, don, good morning everyone. lots of brake lights for 95 southbound, heavy congestion from white marsh up to the freeway, 20 minutes to get through. 20 minutes delay on the outer loop, over to charles street. 20 minute tons west side outer loop. 795 to edmonton and 795 owings
7:56 am
mill to the beltway. accidents include mountain road at frank lynnville and merit boulevard at german hill. it's going to take a while to get through the delay at harvard road. marty has the weather. >> doppler we're radar, shower activity. 95 corridor. matter of time over the next hour and a half before we see a shower, whether in columbia or bel air. look at the forecast, watch for thunderstorms later on that could get gusty. 79, the high. fire crews remain on the scene of a house fire in forest park that claimed the lives of two people. monique griego is live with the latest from the scene. >> reporter: good morning everyone the fire broke out after 4:30 this morning in the 2800 block of mohawk. when firefighters arrived they found two people dead inside a
7:57 am
bedroom. neighbors tell us the victims were senior citizens who owned the home. both died from smoke inhalation. there was a working smoke detecter in side the house and bars on the bedroom windows and exit door to a balcony , the couple was trapped inside, they believe. >> i can't imagine what they were going through. i can tell you all of us are really, our hearts are very, very heavy this morning. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is under investigation. postalers rally against planned service cuts. they said the plan to shut down post offices in maryland could mean the loss of up to a thousand jobs. congressman cummings introduced a bill to prevent the cuts from happening. postal services said services need to be cut to safe money and stay afloat. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. how new technology is giving a teen the ability to walk once
7:58 am
again. and firsthand look at the rich culture and hidden treasures of afghanistan. i am a face unclogger. i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.
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8:00 am
♪ welcome back to "the early show." top of the hour. wednesday morning. man, are we in a good mood around here this morning. >> aren't we always? >> let the people know! we are feeling good. hope you are feeling good too. >> proud. >> i'm chris wragge along with erica hill. the next step for amazon's kindle as they try to give ipad a run for its money. 75% of the tablet devices in the
8:01 am
u.s. are i pads. >> that's a lot. >> amazon is holding an event today and we will tell you what we are hearing about the new tablet called, are you ready for this? the kindle fire. >> a little heat there. also ahead seven years ago, craig hutto lost his leg to a shark. he tested on a bionic leg and he is letting other amputees live more full and active lives. we begin with president obama focusing on education. . speaking at the time a school practically in his backyard. bill plante has a preview for us. >> reporter: the president gives this speech every year, this year, it's a benjamin banneker hoo in d.c. but it's not just any high school. as we discovered, talking to the students at banneker about the importance of education is kind of like preaching to the choir.
8:02 am
>> i'm 6'7". i play basketball. when i grow up i want to be a mechanical engineer. >> reporter: banneker is full of students like 18-year-old senior ibrahim diaite who doesn't expect to be the next kobe bryant. >> when you go to the nba, one injury could mess up your life so i want something to fall back on, say, if i get a full ride for basketball i will also focus on my major. >> reporter: just blocks from the capital, banneker is the exception in a city where, on average, 1 out of 4 high school students will not graduate. students have to apply to come here and standards are rigorous. principal anita berger says 100% of the students graduate and 100% accepted into four-year colleges last year. >> kids come in understanding this is how it is. >> reporter: she has been here 18 years and in charge the last seven and fought hard to create an environment where students
8:03 am
can reach their potential. >> we don't just prepare the academic side of them. we prepare them socially emotionally and for opportunities like this, you know, how to act, those kind of things. >> reporter: opportunities like having the president of the united states drop by to remind the students that the future is theirs to shape, as he did last year in philadelphia. >> your life is what you make of it. and nothing, absolutely nothing can beyond your reach. so long as you're willing to dream big, so long as you're willing to work hard. >> reporter: ibrahim diaite is ready to hear that message. >> i'm trying to alter my own destiny. >> reporter: the first time they showed this to the students, there was some controversy. there were fears that the president will have a political message. so, now, the white house puts the text out in advance. we have read it. there is nothing political in it. he does tell these students that in tough economic times, it's up to them whether the country falls behind or moves ahead.
8:04 am
chris? >> cbs' bill plante at the white house for us thank you. one man dreaming big right now especially after a surprise over the weekend is republican presidential candidate herman cain. >> he won the florida straw poll over the weekend with more votes than rick perry and rit mitt romney combined. someone like sarah palin says you're the flavor of the week. how do you respond to something like that? >> i would say that is not true first of all. the difference between me winning that straw poll and what we are going to do to leverage that is a couple of things. primarily, i have a message that is resonating with the american people, the voters. my economic growth in jobs plan as you know next to national security, the biggest thing on the minds of the american people, how do we generate jobs and grow this economy. i have been talking about my nine nine nine plan. it's resonating because it's simple, it expands the base and
8:05 am
it's going to kick-start this economy. so rather than being the flavor of the week, people are saying ah, there is more to that flavor than meets the eye and it's substance and i will continue to talk about solutions to some of these issues rather than just talking about the issues. >> we should point out, though, a number of the republicans who voted in that poll say we don't expect him to go on and be the nominee. this is a grueling endeavor, it is expensive. you mentioned recently you thought a couple times about dropping out and most people would say, look, you may have something people respond to but your chances of actually getting that nomination pretty slim. so why stick with it then? >> the bumblebee is not supposed to fly aerodynamically. there are two dynamics in this campaign that weren't around the ten years ago and i wouldn't have had a chance. number one this massive citizens movement that some people call the tea party
8:06 am
movement is not just the tea party. every organization is mobilizing its members to get involved and get active. secondly, the power of the internet. we didn't have that ten years ago. one of the reasons i believe i won that florida straw poll one of the reasons that i believe that according to the latest gallup positive intenseity poll i came in first place on that and yesterday zogby announced their new poll i outpolled rick perry and governor romney. why? because of the power of the internet. so people aren't just dependent, with all due respect, the mainstream media for its information about who it is that they like and where you stand on the issues. so those two advantages give me a big advantage in order to stay in this race. >> i want to talk to you about something you said in an interview on monday night which gained some headlines here. you said you would be able to peel off one-third of the african-american vote in 2011. in 2008 president obama received
8:07 am
96% of the african-american vote. how do you propose to do that? that is going out there on a limb to say you can do that as a republican. >> i'm doing it based upon the feedback i have gotten from black americans who love my message. it has nothing to do with color. it's all about my message of growing this economy. people realize, whether you are a democrat republican or independent, the biggest thing we need to do is grow this economy because if we don't get this economy growing the right way, then all of the things we are arguing about and debating about and cutting and increasing taxes won't matter. i know from walking through the airport, e-mails that i get, people on my facebook page groups inviting me to speak that normally my might not have invited me to speak. i get fese feedback people are thinking for themselves. like in florida, the voters
8:08 am
they decided the winner of that poll, not the media. >> a number of americans are speaking out thinking for themselves and a number of americans not all of them republicans, but many republicans who are saying we still need someone else in this race and that is someone is governor chris christie getting a lot of traction. if he were to jump in the race a, as a republican do you think that would be a good move? and, b, what does it do to your candidacy and your chances? >> if he jumps in the race come on down as they say. the hype was the same before governor perry got into the race. it doesn't mother me and here is why. as you look at my campaign it continues to build and build and build. it doesn't go down. cain supporters don't defect. the fact we are where we are today is going to continue to build. they will not jump ship because the media person they want to be in it for the purposes of drama and stories you can write. no
8:09 am
no. we will continue to build and not change our tactics or our strategy. >> mr. cain thanks for coming in. >> thank you. jeff glor is at the news desk with a look at other headlines for you. >> good morning. you talk about chris christie. new jersey governor chris christie is far away from his home state in california still giving presidential sounding speeches but still says he is not a candidate. he spoke at the ronald reagan library last night. he seemed to leave wiggle room when he respond to do a supporters. >> i mean this with all of my heart. we need you. >> it's extraordinarily flattering, but by the same token, that heartfelt message you gave me is also not a reason for me to do it. that reason has to reside inside me. >> and as herman cain said if christie wants to get involved come on down.
8:10 am
washington's political gridlock has hampered the turn around. so scott pelley asked the founder of b.e.t. how to change things. >> my message to washington is simply sacrifice your political job for the job that american people want you to do. that's as simple as that. be willing to be a one-perm congress person. be willing to be a one-term president. be willing to be a one-term senator. take that position. that the issues before the country are far greater than me returning to washington and starting the same old treadmill over again. one of the president obama's political adviser said his boss will not be a one-term president and said it be will a titanic struggle but mr. obama will be reelected. conrad murray is in day two
8:11 am
now of his trial. he cried during yesterday's opening statements. prosecutors say murray used a powerful sedative to help jackson's sleep and they played a shocking audiotape yesterday of a seemingly drugged jackson that he made weeks before he died. >> when people leave my show i want them to say, i've never seen nothing like this in my life. >> murray has admitted he gave jackson propofol and other sedatives. his lawyers say jackson killed himself while murray qa out of the room. a custody hearing today scheduled for the children in missing utah woman susan powell who have now been placed in the care of her parents. the two boys had been living with josh powell and his father steven. they were removed after last week steven was arrested on charges of possessing pornography.
8:12 am
in court yesterday, josh powell said he has not done nothing wrong and grew emotional when discussing his wife. >> i did not harm her. i didn't do anything to do with her disappearance. i've never been charged with any crime. i love my wife susan. >> susan powell has been missing since december of 2009. in washington this morning, washington, d.c. a team of dare devil engineers is beginning inspection of the washington monument for that earthquake damage it sustained. suspended from ropes they will get a close-up look at the monument. a live look. at 555 feet it is the tallest stone structure in the world. preparation work at the pinnacle of the tower was completed yesterday. the inspection was delayed by some lightning. the monument was damaged in last month's quake and remains for
8:13 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by sargento. taste the real difference. ahead, a shark attack victim who is helping other disabled people get back on their feet literally. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
"healthwatch" a terrifying attack and a new beginning. seven years ago, craig hutto barely survived being mauled by a shark. >> since then he helping doctors create a life-like artificial limbs in the world. cbs news correspondent elaine quijano has this incredible story. >> something bumps me on my left leg and this bump was kind of like just kind of a soft punch and i kind of just jumped back and i screamed what was that? >> reporter: that was a bull shark. >> and then right in that instance something takes me right under water and i didn't see anything. >> reporter: it dragged 16-year-old craig hutto under the water while he was in florida fishing with his brother. >> like the movie "jaws," the shark dragged me diagonally outright. >> reporter: his brother reacted quickly. craig tried to pry the shark off his leg with his hands.
8:18 am
>> by now, the shark had already bit my femoral artery so every heartbeat, i was just pumping blood out and that is basically all i saw the whole time swimming back was blood. it was just red. >> reporter: he had lost more than half of the blood in his body. after a harrowing ordeal he was rushed to the hospital by helicopter and into surgery. >> i tell my mom, i say, mom, please don't let them take my leg. right when i said that, mom, she just lost it. >> reporter: craig's leg had been amputated from the thigh down. >> i was honestly i was devastated just because i had played basketball, baseball and football since i could walk basically. >> reporter: at that point, craig was hoping to even walk again. but within six weeks he was being fitted for a new prosthetic leg and back at his high school in tennessee. >> you're missing an ankle and a knee, there are significantly more challenges. >> reporter: the doctor craig was working with recommended him to dr. michael goldfarb at
8:19 am
vanderbilt, university testing a new bionic leg made for amputees like craig. >> this leg, our leg is for above knee amputees. you know, what we are doing is basically making a fully robotic leg. >> reporter: a robotic leg that goes further than regular prosthetics and can help keep amputees steadier on their feet and helps them climb slopes and stairs. >> you usually have to think about every step just because if i don't, i get too relaxed and that is when i'll usually trip and fall. >> reporter: three times he week he heads to vanderbilt. >> he is our test pilot and lets us know what is working and not working and what feels right and doesn't feel right. >> reporter: now a junior in college, craig plans to get a masters in nursing. his close call gave him a new outlook. >> thumb's up. >> reporter: elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. >> what a story.
8:20 am
>> yeah. >> what a guy too! talk about an inspiration. >> yeah. it's just good to see him getting better and better on that and being kind of a test pilot for something like that. who knows. good to see him back on up his feet. >> fantastic story. one man's desperate efforts to save afghanistan's golden treasures. >> the soviets and taliban haven't stopped him. tell you about this story on "the early show" when we come back. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" is sponsored by lipitor. i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 years of research. [ female announcer ] lipitor is not for everyone including people with liver problems and women who are nursing pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor
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8:22 am
learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at ♪ come on baby light my fire ♪ >> amazon is hoping for a little bit of that huh? >> bringing out after the hits this morning. amazon's answer to the ipad. the tablet market has been dominated by apple and so far, no luck. >> but perhaps we will take a look at the new amazon tablet that is expected to be announced later today. take a look and see if it can perhaps ignite a little more competition. >> yeah. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
8:23 am
stay with us. your local news is next.
8:24 am
8:25 am
we have fog settling in around the inner harbor. the top of our tower is now shrouded in it. let's look at the radar. it will get wet before not too long. everybody will see some rain. it will take an hour or so to get this moisture into cecil county. looks like a thunderstorm over columbia. this afternoon it could get
8:26 am
quite gusty. high temperature of 79 degrees. here's christie with traffic. good morning. well, the rush hour is still in full swing out there. the north side of the outer loop heavy from from bel air road to charles street. with west side inner loop is backing down from 795 to ed monson avenue. i-95 southbound jammed from white marsh boulevard over to the harbor tunnel thruway. the hairing'sburg expressway, southbound some brake lights from york road to mount caramel. couple new accidents, walter boulevard at white marsh boulevard, ingleside avenue at sunset also broken land parkway at snowdon river. delay on the beltway at old court road. back to you.
8:27 am
we continue to follow this city's breaking news. a house fire killed two people. we're live at the scene with more. >> reporter: the fire broke out this morning just after 4:30 a.m. in the 2800 block of mohawk. firefighters found two people, a man and woman, dead inside an upstairs bedroom. neighbors say the victims were senior citizens who owned the home. both died from smoke inhalation. there was a smoke detector inside the house. there were bars on the bedroom windows and an commit door to the balcony. it's believed the couple was trapped inside. >> we did hear reports from the first in fire crews that a smoke alarm was sounding which is good. unfortunately, the people there did not get out in time. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a baltimore city police officer is charged with driving under the influence. police say officer timothy smith was off duty when he led
8:28 am
baltimore county police on a high speed chase through the woodlawn area. when he stopped he failed a field sobriety test. he has been suspended from active duty with the city police department. stay with us. next, tax breaks that could save you somer is money. a look at the new rock 'n' roll hall of fame nominees.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ you got a smile that it seems to me reminds me of childhood ♪ >> welcome back to "the early show." it makes you want to go like this! ♪ >> does it make you want to do that at home? >> g&r, baby! >> 1992 here on "the early show." >> my sister is in this with me. who will end up in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame? familiar names are on the list. who are the favorites?
8:31 am
we will take a look. also a large number of women are on the ballot ♪ no sleep ♪ had to get that in. no real competition in the tablet market but the ipad is it. some experts say it's about to get a true rival. amazon expected to unveil its new tablet this morning, the kindle fire is supposed to do what the ipad does at half the price. coming up we will tell you what we know about this new device and how kindle is trying to chase the game. before we get to that take you back to afghanistan which was torn apart by war and has been for so long. before all that, though, it was a trading post for eyion empires. >> the path has a remarkable history and cbs news correspondent seth doane is here with us this morning to look into that. >> when you're sent on an eye signment to a place like afghanistan the story lines you expect to see but often it's the peripheral ones that tell so much more about a place. we came upon this tale of a man,
8:32 am
his museum and his desperate attempt to save some of his own country's history. >> reporter: artifacts usually tell the story of ancient times but these pieced back together at the national museum of afghanistan bear the scars of modern history. >> artifacts was looted from this mutual. >> reporter: omar khan massoudi joined this museum in 1978. >> now i'm looking at this and artifacts! >> reporter: you look like a piece of historical artifact? but there is little to smile about during his three decade long tenure, most all of it marked by war. after the soviet invasion in 1979, there was civil war. more than two-thirds of the collection was looted and the museum itself came under rocket attack. there's no ceiling. no roof? >> no window. no nothing.
8:33 am
it was completely barren. >> they were working a war zone and they had treasures irreplaceable anywhere. >> reporter: half a world away in washington, d.c. merge archeologist fred hi,bert watched the destruct shin and worryied most about this gold treasure. >> this was found in 1979 in northern afghanistan. 22,000 pieces of gold! exquisite! just on the brink of chaos in afghanistan. >> reporter: but back in kabul, massoudi was keeping a secret. >> i can't imagine what happened within the fee years what happened to this museum but it was not the time to sit, but it was the time to have action. >> reporter: many of the most important artifacts were squirreled away and hidden in vaults deep below these city streets in kabul. that was 1988 when massoudi,
8:34 am
along with the museum staff, secretly hid some of the greatest treasures. but the assault didn't stop. in 2001 the taliban began destroying artifacts, depicting humans or animals. including the giant buddhist statues from the sixth century. that were more than ten stories high. at the museum, at least 2,500 artifacts were smashed, but despite mounting pressures, massoudi kept quiet. >> they knew the treasures of afghanistan had been hidden away and not a single one, not massoudi, not even the lowest guard who knew about that told anybody that the treasures still existed in afghanistan. >> oh, my god. it's much bigger than i thought! >> reporter: finally, in 2004 hiebert, along with "national geographic" which intermediate
8:35 am
and helped reveal the 2 2,000-year-old gold. >> we opened the door and out fell all these little plastic bags with gold in it. and, all of a sudden this sense of understanding that they themselves, the afghans had saved their cultural heritage came over. it was one of the most amazing moments of my life. >> reporter: still, today, massoudi staff continue to catalog and repair many of the artifacts. some of the gold is on traveling exhibition in europe while much of it remains hidden. >> we have to transfer these pieces really safely to the next generation. >> reporter: that's what you're trying to do? >> i think this is our duty our job. >> reporter: massoud circumstances says it's its duty to save these artifacts and with
8:36 am
that, preserve his culture too. massoudi is most proud of having the national mutual of afghanistan open and seeing student groups inside. he says it's important for the world to see in afghanistan, it is about more than just war. >> of course, it is such a different picture than what we normally see but a lot of concern what is going to happen to afghanistan in the coming years. is he concerned about how the very delicate political climate there could perhaps lead to issues again with these national treasures? >> it is something out of a movie really. a handful of guys still have keys. a lot of the gold is still hidden and after the interview he pulled me aside in that deep voice, he said be careful about what you say by i read that to be, be careful, we still have some concern that some of these treasures could still be at risk. >> don't give away all of our secrets. seth, thanks. jeff glor is here with a final look at your headlines on this wednesday morning. good morning one last time.
8:37 am
>> to you as well. in arizona, another massive dust storm that rolled in from tucson from phoenix yesterday and caused an accident involving seven vehicles. this is what it looked like. 13 people were hurt there. gas and oil prices continue to slide. the price of crude oil fell below $84 a barrel this morning on expectations that slow growth may weaken demand for raw materials. the price of gas is now at $3.47 a gallon on average. at some plays below 3 bucks now! one of the cheapest places to buy gas is st. louis, missouri. robin of our sister station kmov has more. >> the price is $2.89 a gallon, well below the $3 mark. missouri is known for low gas prices and across the state of missouri right now the average price for a gallon of unleaded regular is $3.17.
8:38 am
this $2.89 is welcome relief for us because as recently as may, we were paying almost $4 a gallon. now this is not as good as it gets for us because this time last year, we were paying about $2.50 a gallon but we will be happy with the $2.89. >> how are people reacting? lines there at the gas stations? >> reporter: fast-faced. if you look over here you'll see that every pump is filled. i mean, there is not one that is empty. they say you're supposed to like things and love people. around here three people in a row i asked said we love the prices. so they are having a love affair with their gas pump. >> a love affair with the cardinals. you got a big game coming up today so good luck. >> we do! we do. root for the cardinals, please everyone. >> that picture looks pretty calm, but foggy. look at the radar.
8:39 am
to the sweft we have some pretty good rain moving toward the metro. there is that thundershower in ellicott city and columbia. this will make its way all the way up the i-95 corridor. the more thunderstorms possible this afternoon, low 70s now. high of 79 degrees later on. if you're one of the 14 million americans looking for work right now it may seem tough to actually shell out money to help find that job. but it could be worth it for you. because not only could you find the job, but you can actually write off the cost of your job hunt on your taxes. ray martin of cbs "moneywatch" is here to tell us about that. nice to see you. hard to believe we are talking about tax breaks because filing taxes seem so far away but this is something we can focus on year-round. >> a lot of people looking or searching for a job. they have expenses. you didn't know it while you're doing it so keep the records. >> what are specifically some of
8:40 am
the expenses you could deduct? >> there are so many categories here. things like preparing, printsing and accepteding out your resume and transportation costs to and from a job fair or job interview or union hall looking for a job. counseling. career coaching for preparing for a job interview. meals. lunches. dinners, food in connection with a job interview. the cost of your cell phone. internet, newspaper costs and legal costs. home office expenses. a category of dozen expenses you can take a tax deduction for and get money back. >> sounds great but there are limitations. >> there usually are here. two here. one is a little tricky. you can only deduct job search expenses in connection with searching for a new job in your current occupation. if you're a bank manager and you get laid off you can't deduct expenses looking for a job for a chef, for example. the other limitation is the expenses must exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income. your income is $40,000. 2% of that is $800 so only
8:41 am
$2,000 of that $2,800 would be deductible generally. but a way around it. >> what is that? >> as a tax adviser, here is what i advise. while looking for a job take temporary work and you get income from that. as a sole proprietor you report that income on schedule c and take 100% of those expenses. that's what i advise folks to do when in that situation and take even more deductions than would be allowed. >> love that. great advice to have. what about the records that you're going to need to keep for these deductions? >> record keeping is key. you need evidence of your old job. like a job description or an old performance evaluation. you need proof of your job search like a copy of a letter of e-mail when sending out your resume. receipts, credit card statements and checks of your expenses and
8:42 am
keep a log of your travel and mileage for your travel for these job expenses. now, here is the thing. you report these on a form 2106 unreimbursed business expenses and roll up to your schedule a itemized deduction and help you calculate the limitation as well. all of these record keeping here is key but it's easy to do if you know what to look for while you're doing it and keep the records as you incur the expenses. >> it may sound for some folks you're throwing around schedule c and other forms. you can get more of that at cbs money watch, right? >> it will all be laid out there for you. >> thanks ray, for the grate advice. you can also find ray' list of 11 tax breaks for job hunters at cbs news/money watch. ipad is getting more competition today. amazon unveil the kindle fire here in new york according to the tech crunch website. katie linen doll is here with more what we can expect. they haven't officially confirmed they are unveiling the
8:43 am
kindle fire but we can pretty much say it's happening today. >> i call them every sippingle day and they refuse to give any information. what we know is probably named the kindle fire and keeping the great brand recognition qlinedbehind it. in terms of a few hundred dollars off from the ipad a bonus there. it will integrate with amazon what they have. it will run off a customized version of android and expect it to while it's announced today, probably won't see it until november. they want it for the holiday qh is a which is important. >> let's begib with the ipad 2 and compare it with kindle fire. >> we have this huge influx of tablets. there are over a hundred tablets in the marketplace but that ipad, that is the dominant one in the marketplace. in 2010 alone, we knew it had
8:44 am
about 84% of the market share. everybody wants a piece of that pie because it's incredibly lucrative. in terms of specs and features you can see the breakdown. it's pretty close and if they can undercut it that has advantage to it there to it. >> price wise. >> it's a huge undercut price wise. i think when we are talking about a consumer a few weeks ago a hundred dollar tablet because it got discontinued. if you make that move and cut things down a little bit big pon bonus for us. >> what is the game changer? this is something we have heard in the galaxy tab and zune. android marketplace. ios is the apple side and android are your other option. a lot of different tablets on that operating system and just pretty much go to feature. also the seven-inch and ten- ten-inch, a number of different sizes. >> the motorola zune. >> this was supposed to shake
8:45 am
things up. what they are saying about the kindle fire 2. you can see it's comparable. >> that was supposed to come in and shake the market up you said. what about the kindle fire do you think will shake the market up? >> the kindsle name, a lot of people know it already and not only as i was saying you have to undercut it in terms of price but it has to be as smooth and seamless as the ipad. but the ipad in a 2-year-old and somebody who is a hundred to get it without read ago manual you've broken the model and makes it easy and you have to have the name recollection initiation which the kindle does. >> talk about global sales for 2011 alone. people think the tablets may not take off. we are talking about some big, big business. >> huge numbers. >> i can't believe the numbers. >> what amazing to me they expect the tablet market to increase 261% impreryear-to-year. 63.6 million units. if any company can come in and just get a piece of apple's pie that is revenue they absolutely
8:46 am
want to generate. >> they are dominating that pyrite now. >> yes. >> katie, thanks so much and good to see you. >> you well. coming up next the rock 'n' roll hall of fame decides who should get in this year. we will bring you some of the top contenders. this is "the early show" on cbs.
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ i don't ever want to feel like i do that day ♪ >> 15 nominees on this year's list for the rock 'n' roll hall of fame and they include the red hot chili peppers and guns 'n roses and chaka khan. and donna summer. >> the list came out on tuesday. more than 500 voters will decide who actually makes it in. but before they vote we want to get a real feel who is most likely to make it. with us is joe levy.
8:49 am
and good to have both of you experts with us. >> good to be here. >> pretty eclectic list. >> debate too. >> it definitely is. >> let's throw to you there. joe, you're closest over here so i'll start with you. >> okay. >> who do you think of this list of 15. >> five will make it. guns 'n roses are a lock. >> yes! >> i will say no chance they will not be inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> a gill g&r. >> they don't talk to each other. duff and slash talk but axle doesn't talk to except, i don't know his imaginary friends. >> he has enough of those. >> i think red hot chili peppers are still out there doing it today and excellent bands. they were nominated last year and they didn't make it in then. >> a little story i'd like to tell about three bad brothers you know so well.
8:50 am
started way back in history. >> the beastie boys and chill chili peppers been doing it a long time. >> g&r i think they are a lock. >> let's have you weigh in now. who is your lock and who isn't? >> i think that guns 'n roses are a lock. it's not as if they produce this amazing lengthy body of work. but they made a huge impact. i think people they are still a rock 'n' roll feel about them. you know? all of the craziness and, you know, of all things, you know suddenly axle becoming this kind of secluded artist you know? it's something that has a lot of heat around it and, also as joe pointed out, the potential drama of who might actually show up at the induction i think is something on people's minds. >> that would make it phenomenal to see them all maybe on stage together but perhaps in, you know, some sort of proximity.
8:51 am
>> i want to know if slash is wearing the top hat. >> what don't want to know that? >> finally he has a chance the top hat is appropriate and it's a black tie affair. >> what about the cure? >> i'm a big supporter of the cure. i'm somebody at the nominating committee meetings have brought them up. i think they represent something about music that is kind of underrepresented in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. i think they have an outside chance. they were a big band. i think the bigger group of voters helps them. so, you know, i've got my fingers crossed. >> seems like the great music and all of the hall of fame nominees, when i was in college, i had some good college years. >> apparently you did. you don't remember very well. >> unfortunately, culture club still hasn't made the nomination! >> but i'm holding out hope for boy george. >> what about the women? either of you want to? >> i want to see joan jett in the hall of fame. i love her.
8:52 am
i wonder if she is going to make it. this voting body includes former inductees and music writers and music biz people and many on the older side and tend toward the more established and traditional. >> rough he's maybe not as much but chaka khan better get in. >> >> that is not the most obvious nomination in terms of quality, absolutely. but freddie king, a lot of debate about influence, importance and a lot of debate. people who believe this is the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, you know, if hip-hop had a hall of fame that is where where they should go. but in terms of quality and in terms of their impact they are hugely significant. so they are kind of carrying the hip-hop flag this year. >> really it all comes down to a matter of opinion with these voters? >> exactly. it all comes down to the vote. it's going to be interesting, ra
8:53 am
rakim is known as the greatest lyricist is nominated as freddie king is and anthony and i know about and the voting body does so it will be very strange. >> thank you both very much. appreciate it. >> we will see how well you did in april. thanks, guys. have a great
8:54 am
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it's now 8:55. the fog has lifted off the top of the tower but it's still visible downtown. there is rain on the radar. >> it's raining right now. rain is coming toward everybody's neighborhood before not too long. this cluster of showers is south of washington, d.c. it's making inroads straight up the knife niewf corridor, almost right now starting to make a more northerly turn. i still think that that shower activity at the bottom right of the screen comes up over the next couple of hours, even tags
8:56 am
cecil county. later today we'll see a couple thunderstorms. they may be gusty. we're in a slight risk category this afternoon. high of 79. 77 degrees the high tomorrow, better chance of a couple showers friday. it should clear out by the weekend. an early morning house fire kills two people in northwest baltimore. we're live at the scene. >> reporter: good morning. the fire broke out just after 4:30 a.m. in the 2800 block of mohawk. when firefighters arrived, they found two people, a man and woman, dead inside an upstairs bedroom. neighbors say the victims were senior citizens who owned the home. both died from smoke inhalation. there was a working smoke detector inside the house but there were bars on the bedroom windows and it's believed the couple was trapped inside. the cause of the fire is still
8:57 am
under investigation. bge customers are angry over their plans to possibly charge them more in the way of money. a hearing held by the puc. dozens spoke about the days they went wow power following hurricane irene. bge says the storm cost them $81 million. a baltimore city police officer is suspended charged with driving under the influence. police say officer timothy smith was off duty when he led balance billion county police on a high speed chase along liberty road. he failed a field sobriety test. the flames may be out but the spell of burnt tires still lingers in baltimore. a fire broke out at an auto tire repair shop monday afternoon. it wasn't really put out until yesterday. despite the smell the air is safe. no word yet on how that big blaze began.
8:58 am
all this week the library is inviting people to return overdue library books free of charge. they're offering amnesty to encourage parents and students to register or reregister for a library card. the program runs through this saturday. stay with us. news and weather today at noon. updates are always available at
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